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Global European Top Executive Remuneration Survey 2011




Today's competitive Executive Compensation is no more limited to a specific country remuneration where a headquarter is established. We are competing within a global market in which Europe is one of the key players.

When it comes to Executive Compensation, Corporations need to be aware of how much an executive should be paid in Europe, not only in the country where he or she is paid from! This is the backbone of the TEC survey. No other surveys on the market will bring you such global coverage and flexibility within one product! A new survey concept driven by a team of professionals that all have solid C&B Corporate and Consulting experiences.

TEC is a comprehensive European Survey specifically designed to cover Senior Executive Management Compensation based in Europe with Area, Regional, or Corporate Headquarter responsibilities. The survey design is quite unique clearly addressing the concerns expressed by many companies in getting reliable and competitive data on European Executive Compensation.

As there is a pressing need to gather executive compensations in Eastern Europe, we have added the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Russia to the countries already covered by the TEC survey.

Because of its distinctive design (live database application with a relevant built-in job matching module), and all within one survey, it is a reliable source of information for Corporations wanting to review their executive compensation packages within Europe.

One of the unique feature of this survey is the possibility for participants, having specific/hybrid executive positions usually not covered by conventional surveys or are hard to match, to get pertinent and competitive salary information through the built-in job matching module!

All collected data as well as the report output will be in multi European currencies (in addition to the ), however, the participants will be able to choose the currency to be used for the report (including US$), as well as the profile of companies they want to compare themselves with. In addition, our built-in Country Salary Coefficient (CSC) module will enable the participant to pick reported positions throughout Europe (or be more selective) ensuring that local compensation specificities are well respected once combined with cross countries salary analysis.

The survey program has a a built-in job matching process. However, following a strong request coming from a non negligible number of our previous years participants (as well as our sponsors), we have updated our current program to include a link to existing well known evaluation systems such as Hay, Mercer and Watson Wyatt


SURVEY FEES for 2011

Participant fees

Description Price (*)
Annual fee for 2011 995.-

(*) An additional 8.0% of VAT will be charged to companies invoiced in Switzerland


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