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The GEM has been running for many years a local salary survey amongst their members. Since 2008, the GEM has selected TymWork to run the survey. We believe we have a good understanding of the market and a long experience on the survey activities. The 2008 edition has been a major step forward over the previous GEM surveys by introducing a specific salary program linked to the web which provides more flexibility for data collection as well as a major improvement in the quality and customization of the survey reports.



On this year edition (2010), following feedbacks of participants, we have upgraded the survey and added a comprehensive questionnaire to cover all major C&B aspects of the participating companies. Also the confidentiality level has been increased (no more open code).


In 2008, 30 multinationals have participated to the GEM survey. At that time, many potential participants decided not to participate due to the open code policy that has been adopted by the GEM for the previous editions. We believe that with this year edition, confidentiality will be back and the coverage of the survey will be seriously extended with the new benefit/fringe policy section.



Objective of the study and Process

The GEM Reward survey is to cover all salary and benefit aspects amongst multinationals established within the lake Geneva region (cantons of GE and Vaud). Only GEM members are eligible to participate to this survey and only the participants will have access to the survey results.  


Compensation elements covered :

  • Annual Base salaries

  • Target Incentives

  • Actual paid Incentives

  • Other Bonuses/commissions

  • Profit/gain sharing

  • Total Target Cash

  • Actual Total Cash

As in the past edition, to ease-up the job matching, the survey has 7 GEM grades with a direct correlation to HAY, WATSON WYATT and MERCER points value. 60 positions are being covered, jobs mostly within supporting and professional staff as well as middle management’s population (up to : +/- 900 Hay points - Towers Watson level 16-17 - Mercer position class 59).

Information such as stock option eligibility, ESPP, company car eligibility and other allowances and/or perks will also be collected for each reported position.


Benefit/Fringes Policies

This year edition will have a complete questionnaire on :

  • Working Policies

  • Pension Plans

  • Other Benefit Plans

  • Car Policies

  • Other Perquisites

  • Termination Plans

Data collection

The participant data will be collected through a database questionnaire to be downloaded from our dedicated secured website.


This database will contain all the necessary data and instructions to facilitate participants in reporting their inputs.


Upload of Excel (xls) spreadsheets for salary data will be made possible for participants having PeopleSoft, SAP or other HRIS systems.


Participants will be asked to report all positions covered by the survey, TymWork will ensure that reported data in the survey will not exceed 3 inputs per position/per company (Q1, median and Q3) to respect an equal weighting amongst various participants.


This ensures proper completion of the document and facilitates the data collection process.


Once the participant data inputs process is completed, by a click of a button (provided that the computer is connected to a network), the company inputs will be automatically transferred to TymWork.

Data processing

With the help of a database approach, it will enable us to:

Ø better control the participants data completion;



Ø have a clear and structured approach in collecting inputs;



Ø highly improve the data cleaning process.


Positions covered



New position added this year : Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) Mgr

Survey report (outcome)

With the above described approach, the database will be used to produce the final report in various formats:


Overall report with all the positions (similar to the previous years),


Output will be produced within the GEM program. However, participants will be able to export the results onto Excel spreadsheets so participants can make some copy/paste of the data or even customize their own outcome report.


The program will give the opportunity to participants to select by industry sector, size of the organization, or nationality the companies they would like to compare themselves with (=> drawdown report). However, for confidentiality & statistical reasons, a minimum of 10 participants have to be in the selected sample in order to provide salary data.


LATEST UPDATE (May 20, 2010)

Following the GEM meeting of May 20, the participants, in addition to the above selection, will have the possibility to individually select a minimum of 10 companies to create sub-analysis. Full confidentiality will remain as data will be shown only as quartiles median, etc. No individual company lines will be shown (as it was in the 2008 edition).


The drawdown report will exclude participant’s own data from his calculated report. Not only it will avoid the final results to be bias with his own data but also the participant will have his data highlighted (you vs the sample) against the selected market.


This year it has been decided that the survey will remain anonymous for confidentiality reasons. Therefore no raw data will be available nor company codes will be disclosed.


The survey is designed so the output process is totally under control of the participants (within confidentiality limits) which is a great added value to the survey.


The questionnaire is downloadable online as of May 26th 2010 on this website.


Completion date : June 30th 2010. Data to be returned via email attachment.


Preliminary data to be reviewed by the GEM committee early September 2010


Final report expected online by October 12th, 2010


Contrarily to the previous survey editions, this year survey edition will be a close code survey, i.e. company codes will not be disclosed to the GEM survey participants or any other third parties.


As in the past, participants will be asked, when first launching the survey application, to accept not to divulge any confidential information related to the survey to non-authorized parties.


References to companies salary data should be restricted to the participant’s HR department.


Access of the survey questionnaire and the results outcome on the website will be password protected.


The questionnaire that will be accessible on May 21st for download on this webpage will also be password protected. Once you have confirmed to the GEM that you will participate, you will receive by email your questionnaire password in order for you to access the application.


For the final results (outcome), there will be a set of 2 passwords, 1 for the download, and a second one to open the final report application.


These will be released once survey results available and only to the survey’s participants.


GEM REWARD REPORT (v. 2.1) - 2010 DOWNLOAD                                        October 12, 2010        

Click on the appropriate below icon (GEM) to download the GEM 2010 Report.


Updated version v. 2.21 (November 8, 2010)



       Program Final Report 2010




Web download password / Program launching user name & password /Activation code

should have been communicated to participants individually through an email from the GEM


GEM REWARD QUESTIONNAIRE SURVEY (v. 1.5.2) - 2010 DOWNLOAD                  June 20, 2010        

Click on the appropriate below icon (GEM) to download the GEM 2010 questionnaire.




         Program Questionnaire 2010



Click on "Run"

Click on "Run" again

Click on "OK"

Click on "Unzip" and select a different destination if the C drive is not appropriate

Click on "OK" and close the WinZip Self-Extractor window

Click on your C drive and open the folder " GEM Reward Quest 010"

Select "GEM Quest. 010" to open the application (you might want to copy this shortcut onto

your desktop for subsequent program access)

Enter the password given to you by GEM once your participation is confirmed and press "OK"

Click on "Instructions" which will give you the necessary information to navigate at ease

within the application

You have 3 options to open the questionnaire database and/or the Report Program:


Default unzip to Program Files

Follow the above instructions, run the program and unzip the database to the default drive (C:\GEM Reward Quest 010). When unzip is done, close the unzip dialog box. A shortcut (GEM Quest. 010) can be installed on your desktop or start-up menu for quick access. Open the program and click on the instruction icon at the bottom of the screen for additional help on how to operate the questionnaire.


Unzip program to a non-protected drive of your PC

If, for security reasons, your C drive is not available, download the program to the readily available drive on your computer.


Ask a CD Rom to TymWork

If you cannot download the questionnaire on-line, contact Tymwork (gem@tymwork.com) to get the questionnaire or the Report on a CD rom via regular mail. When received, open the program and click on the instruction icon at the bottom of the screen for additional help.

Make sure that the questionnaire/survey report files remain in its initial directory and that the file name be not altered. This is important as the results of the survey will use the same process and will look up for this folder when downloaded.

Account Name and Password

Account name and password will sent to you via email, If you have not received account name and password, please contact gem@tymwork.com

Questions & Answers regarding the questionnaire application

Q. I cannot run the application. I get a message telling me that the application has failed because the application configuration is incorrect?

A. If you are still using Windows XP as operating system you might not have the latest updated version! Go to the following Microsoft update address to double check the status of your operating system ; http://www.update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate/v6/default.aspx?ln=en-us

    or directly to http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/confirmation.aspx?familyId=9b2da534-3e03-4391-8a4d-074b9f2bc1bf&displayLang=en

     This should fix the above problem.

Q. How do I complete the questionnaire?

A. Screen templates are rather self-explanatory. However, you have the possibility within the program to access an instruction guide as well as the survey job description booklet.

Q. How do I sent it back when completed?

A. Once you've completed the questionnaire, you come back to the startup template. You will see on the top part of your screen a round button with the logo on it. By clicking on it, it will automatically create an email with an attachment (Xport.gem) to the attention of TymWork with you inputs. Make sure that you are online (your email program Outlook or Lotus Notes open) as your email program will be solicited to perform this action. Once the email shows up on your screen, send it!

Q. It seems that no automatic email is being created to forward my inputs?

A. Should, for whatever reasons, the automatic email does not work (could be some issues with older versions of Outlook or Lotus Notes, your inputs to be transferred to TymWork can be located in C:\GEM Reward Quest 010\Xport.gem. Just create a new email with your mail program to the attention of gem@tymwork.com with the attachment "Xport.gem" (not the file Xport.xls)

Q. I am using Windows XP. Is the GEM program compatible with my operating system?

A. Yes, the program runs flawlessly on Win 2000, XP, VISTA, and WINDOWS 7. Should there be a request to run under MAC OS X, we will be glad to give you the version that runs under this operating system.

Q. How do I save my work?

A. Your input is automatically saved as you work on the questionnaire. Should you quit the application, you can re-enter the questionnaire at a later stage to come back where you left it!

Q, Can I print my work?

A. By clicking on the appropriate report print buttons you will get your data questionnaire printed for references.

    Beware that the questionnaire to be returned to TymWork is to be completed on the database only and not on a hard copy!

About TymWork & Co

We are consultants focusing on human resources management based in Geneva, Switzerland, providing international expertise within EMEA. We have a proven track record since 1999 in delivering quality data, complete confidentiality and discretion, and an impartial, objective comprehensive market study. Should you have any further questions on any other consulting activities carried out by TymWork & Co, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


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