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 Faculty Compensation & Benefits Policies

 2013 Edition


The survey aims at targeting the policies and practices regarding faculty from higher education institutions, mostly in the hospitality sector and focusing  Europe and North America.

Effective date of data is July 1st, 2013, taking into possible salary increases at that time.

The survey is defined taking into account its interest for you as well as those of participants which will benefit from the survey results that they will buy. Some of their data might not be analysed for your own needs even though they will be collected for the attractiveness of the survey. Likewise, the survey will take into account the wide variety of practice across markets as much as possible.

The content of the survey is defined by the following groups of elements:

  • Geographical areas - markets

  • Benchmark positions being evaluated

  • Institutions data being collected

  • Individual data being collected

 Geographical areas

In the three geographical areas, the following typology of academic institutions have been contacted:


-     most academic institutions in hospitality and business management - some 40 potential participants

Other European Countries

-     Most hospitality education institutions - some 100 potential participants

North America

-    Most hospitality education institutions - some 80 potential participants

 Benchmark positions covered

The following 14 benchmark positions will be covered by the survey - bearing in mind that many different systems exists in the areas covered by the survey and that certain positions are only relevant to Hospitality schools:

-   Tenured Distinguished Professor : Full Professor and a world leading expert in his field, for whom an ad-hoc compensation package has been defined

-   Tenured Full Professor : PhD + minimum ten years of academic (i.e. teaching and research) experience after PhD

-   Tenured Associate Professor :  PhD + minimum five years of academic (i.e. teaching and research) experience after PhD

-   Tenured Assistant Professor :  PhD + up to four years of academic (i.e. teaching and research) experience after PhD

-   Senior non-tenured Professor : Master + minimum ten years of professional experience or five years of academic (i.e. teaching) experience after Master

-   Non-tenured Professor : Master + minimum five years of professional experience or two years of academic (i.e. teaching) experience after Master

-   Distinguished Senior Lecturer/Instructor : Senior Lecturer/Instructor and one of the world experts in his/her arts - e.g. Senior MOF or a former 3-Michelin star cook - for whom an ad-hoc compensation package has been defined

-   Senior Lecturer/Instructor : a minimum of ten years of professional experience, including a minimum of two years in a supervisory role in a renowned enterprise

-   Lecturer/Instructor : a minimum of five years of professional experience, including a minimum of one year in a supervisory role in a renowned enterprise

-   Clinical Professor : minimum Master's degree + a minimum of 20 years of management experience including a minimum of ten years at senior management level; mostly teach to Executive Master's level students

-   Senior Visiting Lecturer/Adjunct Professor : A Master's degree and a minimum of ten years of management experience including a minimum of five years at senior management level; mostly teach to Master's (graduate) level students

-   Senior Visiting Lecturer/Adjunct Instructor : a minimum of ten years of professional experience, including a minimum of two years in a supervisory role in a renowned enterprise;

-   Visiting Lecturer/Adjunct Professor : A Bachelor's degree and a minimum of 10 years of professional experience including a minimum of five years at management level; teach to Bachelor or Diploma/Associate (undergraduate) level students;

-   Visiting Lecturer/ Adjunct Instructor : a minimum of five years of professional experience, including a minimum of one year in a supervisory role in a renowned enterprise.

Important remark: position titles vary a lot from one academic system to another. The definition of the accountabilities of each benchmark position will be The reference of the academic institutions to assign their professors and teachers with benchmark positions appropriately. The benchmark position description document will include the titles that one may find in the various academic systems.

 Institution data

They include academic staff-related policies and rules regarding their employment also taking into account the variety of remuneration systems in the considered countries.

In the survey, they will be collected for each benchmark position and in a format that allows a simple statistical processing - e.g. a number or a "yes/no" answer


 Compensation policy

-   Position evaluation system possibly used by the institution

-   Policy for budgets if any

-   Policy for personal development (for non-tenure track positions):

-   Base salary policy type [by salary grid, or between minimum, midpoint and maximum amounts]

-   Base salary policy for each benchmark position / grade if applicable

-   Incentive policy for publishing

-   Other variable pay

-   Allowances in complement to salary

-   Annual compensation for managerial responsibilities (only professors)

-   Policy for consulting and continuous education activities under the school's name

-   Remuneration of off-shore campuses (apart from mobility policy)


 Individual data

The data will be ideally collected for each faculty

-   Data concerning the job holder: birth date/age, hiring date, highest degree, number of years of teaching, relevant benchmark position, main field taught

-   Remuneration data [amount in local currency] : annual base salary, annual variable pay (if any)


 Data collection

The participant data will be collected through a database questionnaire to be downloaded from our dedicated secured website.


This database will contain all the necessary data and instructions to facilitate participants in reporting their inputs.


Either you will enter directly the salaries on the program or, for larger organizations, you will have the possibility to upload pertinent salary data from PeopleSoft, SAP or other HRIS systems via a preset Excel (xls) spreadsheet.


This ensures proper completion of the document and facilitates the data collection process.


IMPORTANT : Participants will be required that all incumbents covered by the survey be reported, To respect an equal weighting amongst various participants, especially for well populated positions, the program will ensure that reported data in the survey will not exceed 3 inputs per position/per company (i.e. Q1, median and Q3)


Once the participant data inputs process is completed, by a click of a button (provided that the computer is connected to a network), the company inputs will be automatically transferred to TymWork for analysis and consolidation.

 Data processing  

With the help of a database approach, it will enable us to:

Ø better control the participants data completion;



Ø have a clear and structured approach in collecting inputs;



Ø highly improve the data cleaning process.


 Survey report (outcome)

With the above described approach, the database will be used to produce the final report.


Output will be produced within the program. However, participants will be able to export the results onto Excel spreadsheets so participants can make some copy/paste of the data or even customize their own outcome report.


The survey will remain anonymous for confidentiality reasons. Therefore no raw data will be available nor company codes will be disclosed.


The survey is designed so the output process is totally under control of the participants (within confidentiality limits) which is a great added value to the survey.


Completion date : July 15th 2013. Data to be returned via questionnaire application (automated email attachment).


Final report expected online by the end of September, 2013


The Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is taking over most the costs related to the development and marketing of this survey. However, to alleviate such investment, participants will be invoiced CHF 900.-  (=> US$ 950.- / EUR 720.-) as participating fee for the 2013 edition. For participants invoiced in Switzerland, a 8% VAT will be added to the above fee.



The survey is a close code survey, i.e. company codes will not be disclosed to the survey participants, including EHL the main sponsor, or any other third parties.


As in the past, participants will be asked, when first launching the survey application, to accept not to divulge any confidential information related to the survey to non-authorized parties.


References to companies salary data should be restricted to the participant’s HR department.


Access of the survey questionnaire and the results outcome on the website will be password protected.


The questionnaire is freely accessible for download on this webpage. To ensure that the data you enter be secured on your PC, during program installation, you will be requested to enter a password that will be communicated to you once you have registered.


 These will be securely released once survey results available and only to the survey’s participants.


 EHL QUESTIONNAIRE SURVEY (v 1.0) - 2013 DOWNLOAD                     Register

Once registered, click on the below icon to download the ELH 2013 questionnaire.


EHL Questionnaire 2013 (will be online by June 17th)






The download of the Program Questionnaire is not password protected. However, when you will open the application, you will be required to enter an Account Name and Password. These will be communicated to you while you register online.

When downloading the above application, and depending the level of security your computer is set, you will be warned that the application is unknown from Microsoft. Do not worry, as the application has not been submitted to Microsoft security process, this is a normal warning message. Continue by selecting "Run anyway".

Just make sure that the program that will be executed comes from www.tymwork.com website, and you will  run the program safely. The installation program is named "EHL_setup.exe"

If your local IT still has an issue with the above, you can download a .zip version that will limit the number of warnings as the file is not an .exe file or ultimately request a USB key with the program to be mailed to you directly.

If you have an issue with the installation of the software, please contact EHL_Survey@tymwork.com


Questions & Answers regarding the questionnaire application

Q. How do I complete the questionnaire?

A. Screen templates are rather self-explanatory. However, you have the possibility within the program to access an instruction guide as well as the survey job description booklet.

Q. How do I sent it back when completed?

A. Once you've completed the questionnaire, you come back to the startup screen (Home screen). You will see on the command bar (bottom of the screen) a button with " SEND YOUR DATA" . By clicking on it, it will automatically create an email with an attachment (Xport.ehl13) to the attention of TymWork with you inputs. Make sure that you are online (your email program open) as your email program will be solicited to perform this action. Once the email shows up on your screen with the attachement, send it!

Q. It seems that no automatic email is being created to forward my inputs?

A. Should, for whatever reasons, the automatic email does not work (could be some issues with older versions of Outlook or Lotus Notes, your inputs to be transferred to TymWork can be located in C:\EHL Quest 013\Xport.ehl13. Just create a new email with your mail program to the attention of EHL_Survey@tymwork.com with the attachment "Xport.ehl13" (not the file Xport.xls)

Q. I am still using Windows XP. Is the EHL program compatible with my operating system?

A. Yes the program should runs flawlessly on XP, but VISTA/WINDOWS 7 or 8 would be highly recommended.

Q. How do I save my work?

A. Your input is automatically saved as you work on the questionnaire. Should you quit the application, you can re-enter the questionnaire at a later stage to come back where you left it!

Q, Can I print my work?

A. By clicking on the appropriate report print buttons you will get your data questionnaire printed for references.

    Beware that the questionnaire to be returned to TymWork is to be completed on the database only and not on a hard copy!

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